REVYV was created from the same emotions and struggles we all face as we discover our true selves. 

Being active for me is a meditative experience; a reset, a mind liberator. But like many dedicated athletes, my own passion for staying active was curtailed by various injuries. A broken-down body, a tired and depressive state of mind, and a lost sense of identity sent me spiraling into a hole. For me, alleviating that emptiness and pain meant that I had to find my way back to the one thing that kept me balanced: staying active. This is when I turned to Hemp. Little did I know how the various benefits of Hemp would revitalize my approach to life. 

While my personal journey and goals may be different to yours, we all have a mutual need for balance, passion, and self-fulfillment. 

I have seen the life-changing effects of targeted Hemp consumption – both for myself and for the people around me –and I want to share that discovery with others who go through their own journey of pain, struggle, and self-discovery. By combining Hemp and a group of herbs and roots that have been used for thousands of years by both historical Asian, African, and Mexican cultures, as well as my ayurvedic Indian ancestors, I have tried to capture that effect in a bottle. 

REVYV is a boost that allows you to push the boundaries, stay active, and help connect your mind and body. 

With every sip, and every active movement, we hope you unlock your true self. Here begins your new story. 

Be you, be different.


Hemp brings me back to the truest form of myself. It is my first line of defense against anxiety and stress. It allows me to take back control of my thoughts and of my nights. Hemp allows me to fully enjoy time with myself, which is so vital in my hectic life. It has allowed me to survive and thrive through the best and worst of it all; from building a company, to heartache, and everything in between. Of course we all know what is best for ourselves and make honest efforts to get there, but it can be so challenging to find time for the gym, or find the motivation to realign your thoughts towards positivity, or even wind down enough to get quality sleep! 

With Hemp, I have access to a “reset button” and a way to come home to myself, whenever need be. 

Because of Hemp, I now have then capacity to give back to my family, friends, and my community. Which is YOU, and the best way I can imagine doing just that is sharing this beautiful herbal remedy that has given me so much relief. I hope you find as much joy drinking Vaere as I have, and that you reconnect and allow yourself to simply just be.